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I hate to complain about what people charge. I know there has been some discussion here about fuel surcharges. But I just got the invoices for a session I am doing this week. I won't be specific about what company or musicians, but one is $249 and one is $210. Same cart. co. And they are in the area and picking up one of the guys nearby when he is done to bring him here. I guess their rate is the same regardless of where they pickup or deliver. Like I say I know everyone knows what they have to have for their services. I have not raised my prices in 11 years. In fact I cut them. I did cut some included services other than raising prices, but....

Still, I just wonder where we are going to be if this keeps rising. These rates were 1/2 to 1/3 less a year ago. I know fuel is high. It just seems like it has gone up disproportionately. If I am out of line then say so. It just caught me by surprise....I don't want these kinds of things to hurt business even more than it is. Now I have to explain this to an out of town client tomorrow....Any thoughts?

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Cartage is a must for me, because I can not move anything over 10 lbs with my back. I am afraid that cartage will be the next thing to go on the sessions they currently are still on. If companies are starting to pay engineers only for their engineering and not their facility to mix, it stands to reason cartage will be next.

It is hard to comunicate how you feel on a forum, I love the 2 cartage companies I have used here in Nashville. They both have been GREAT. The fact that the first one went out of business, and the second has stopped doing cartage has me a worried about the future. I am sure this will work itself out like everything else does.
I totally see your point. And in fact, I had a feeling that was the shape of things, but I was only kinda "shooting from the hip" brainstorming.....i totally see that side of it. And for the record, those guys that move my stuff are worth their weight in GOLD....I couldn't make it without them.
QUOTE: "The staggering scale thing will not work either. If a cartage is called in, it is the same amount of work for the cartage company no matter what type of session it is. We charged the same rate on demos and master sessions. It depends on how much gear is going and where the sessions is happening. That’s just the way it is."

This is how it is for everyone involved in my experience. As an engineer and a second engineer, I've work as hard or harder on the demo sessions than master sessions. As the money goes down, the work load tends to go up. :)

5 songs in 3 hrs?? yea that's a lot of work, for a fraction of the cost of 'master' scale. (Not that we engineers have a scales. hehe And that's not counting the sessions where they want to save money and not hire an assistant engineer, then the work loads goes way up!
Hey, why don't you players work out a deal where if the booking is more than a day, you the player covers the cartage..create some incentive for more sessions...then try to negotiate down a lower rate with your cartage company for those days to keep your business with them...

Then you can get the Watsons Pool Chick to do a "Deal Bustin' Cartage Days" commercial too...
Just a thought..
by the way..they scratched up my nice wood floors last time the cartage those are the down sides of a home studio..


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