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I just want to know what some guys that have been doing this longer than me think.

I've pretty much fallen in love with the M7CL at FOH and for monitors. Touch screen, comp/gate for every channel, really decent EQs and FX, infinitely groupable channels, and fader flip so you can mix monitors with the faders... and you can set up your console on your laptop and load/save it with your USB key and take it to your next gig.

Does this mean I'm lazy or that I have poor ears?

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I think it's a great desk. But more importantly, if you love it, you love it; and that makes it a great desk *for you.*

But I understand... I'm a PM5D guy, and the other day I got behind an (analog) H3000 and had a short freak-out moment when I couldn't visualize the EQ. Yikes.
M7s are cool boards but when you A/B them to a 5D you can definitely hear a difference. In my opinion they suck for IEMs. They sound way to thin and not warm enough for my liking.

Between a 5D & a D5 are my two favorite medium level boards right now. I got a chance to see the new Studer Vista 5 (Rascal was checking out one for their next run) and was very impressed.

I got some insider info a couple of weeks ago about the PM2D due out in a year plus and it sounds amazing.

BTW, be careful when you start to rely on your eyes for EQing more than your ears.
I've been very fortunate to have other people pre-warn me on the visual EQing, so no worries there. I also just did a run where I had the M7 one night, and then 5D the next - and I could tell a HUGE difference. Now if they just had the USB port and a touch screen instead of that stupid mouse pad....
Who were you out with?
Krystal Meyers
Not familiar.

19 years old?!? All right... Giggity!!
I am an exclusive Midas Xl-8 guy....j/k
Another M7 supporter here, but I probably love it so much because I mix 90% of my shows in one of two rooms that have an LS9 installed, so the three weeks I was in one of those rooms with an M7 were heaven on earth. It's very intuitive, and a whole heck of a lot easier to navigate than the LS9.

That said, I was out at the D.A.S. array demo the other week and got to get up close and personal with a D1. I'd love to get more familiar with that board; it sure packs a punch in a tiny space.


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