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This is an amazing development. Turns out the just released Guitar Hero version of Metallica's new album, Death Magnetic, isn't crushed like the CD version is. And the fans noticed.

The Guitar Hero (GH) version is 10 dB softer! (10 dB is huge.) And it sounds better, due to less limiting and less digital distortion.

Maybe when the fans start noticing and saying something about it, we'll see a change. This story even suggests that someone may record their perfect GH performance and then post that so that Metallica fans can enjoy the record more.

As someone who has fought the hypercompression trend for nearly 10 years now, I find this very encouraging. People can hear the difference and like their music without horrible distortion.

Here's the story from Wired.

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I think we need a government program and subsidies to mastering engineers to help us fight the battle on digital distortion and the oppressive effects of bitwise loudness. I am tired of being forced to compete on the unequal 'high level' playing field with those who don't care about how things sound. Maybe Obama can do that for us :) Should we petition him? (please note hint of sarcasm - on many levels - in this post).

Or, maybe we can just decide (as a group) to handle it ourselves!
You sarcastic, get out of town, I find that hard to believe. There is no way, you of all people is sarcastic. Oh wait, sorry, I was being the kettle for a second, or wait, am I the pot.

Seriously though, that is encouraging that people hear the difference. The question now becomes, what is going to be done, if anything.
I think most level headed engineers agree on this point, however, those we need to convince are the producers, artists and label execs. At the end of the day, we do what ever is necessary to please the client. Yes we do offer our opinions and as much audio guidance as possible but the client gets what the client wants.

I do think we have a wonderful opportunity on this site to prove this issue with many younger engineers and perhaps have an influence on the community as a whole. Let's not stop discussing it until we are happy with the changes it could bring.
You wrote:

"The question now becomes, what is going to be done, if anything."

Sign the petition. It is calling for the album to be remixed or remastered. They're also encouraging people to return the CDs and get their money back. THAT is something that will get the label's attention.

Go sign the petition. What's your number on the list? I'm 5444.
I'm 19556 it's catching on!
I'm sorta doubting they're going to do anything about it.
You can add your name to a petition demanding that Metallica remix the CD. Whether you're a Metallica fan or not, this sends a message to our industry. "We're not gonna take it anymore." This is a chance to draw attention to this issue and finally do something about it other than just complain. Go sign up, even if you don't know what Metallica is.
I'm there brother Lynn! Think we could get Dann Huff to sign it?
This is the best thing ever.


Everyone has associated non-dynamic recordings with going digital.

The record companies should be all over this because they can re-sell albums as "now with dynamics!!".
9319. I see a small glimmer of hope off in the distance....................................
That's just my bald head taking sunshine off of it.

Hey, I flew over your house last night into Nashville. Literally, right over your house.


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