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Can somebody tell me why so many engineers feel the need to bash whatever format they're not using? ProTools users hate Logic. Logic users hate ProTools. Nuendo (did I spell that right?) users despise all others. I personally don't care what the format as long as the end result pleases me. I've been a ProTools guys for the longest and I like it but it doesn't bother me to work with someone on another format. I personally believe there will be several formats in Heaven . . . just tired of feeling the need to defend my friend ProTools.

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Fantastic Dave!!! I love it when you hear killer stories like this about someone whose so revered yet chooses to go with his gut (sorry!).
Adats Rule!

Just Kidding!
I personally use Sonar and I'm aware of it's recent use on quite a few current movies and TV shows.

But I've played on sessions with other formats that have done fine. I've come to realize the engineer's skill level and the ADDA I/O is more important to the final quality than the program itself, based on the current crop of programs.
I am a Nuendo/Cubase fan, but I have recently been learning PT M-Powered because I want to be capable using the industry standard. I'd be a fool or a fanboi not to. And thankfully so, since there are plenty of excellent books on editing and mixing in Pro Tools and precious little on most other platforms.

I agree with this point, hardware is the main difference...the sound of the software has achieved something close to "sonic parity".
Sonar is another excellent, but more suited to the "one-man-show" type musician ... a daw user that not only records audio, but also does a lot of midi/sample editing/useage, and looping, quantizing midi AND audio, etc.. It's an amazing "in-the-box" solution, with it's closest competitor, feature-wise, being Logic. The problem with Logic (an excellent program), is you're forced to buy a mac, but with Sonar you can easily, and inexpensively use a 64 bit dual/quad cpu (yes, that's 8 cpu's), with 16 GB of ram, and Sonar is WRITTEN to efficiently use multiple cores. Definitely a program for a power user. But I agree, all the remaining progs are VERY, with each having their own strengths.
Id Like to Bash my OWN format...DP6...Crashes daily and makes me wanna back over my computer with a truck
Hey Michael - I just saw your "format bashing" comments. I understand the way you feel. The kind of thinking to which you refer has always confused and annoyed me. I won't waste space here, but I wrote an article for an online music site that hits on this kind of thing . If you feel like reading it, it's here:

i use garageband
Doesn't matter what you use, as long as the song is good. :^)


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