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I'd be interested to hear from those of you using an Aviom (or similar) system for personal in-ear stage monitoring. What are the pros and cons?

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In a church environment a big hinderance is the ability for the Worship Leader to "hear" the room - how the congregation is responding, where they should go next, etc. We tried piping in room mics for them to dial in but that didn't work. We ended up purchasing a powered hot spot which is also fed from the headphone box - we currently use Furman HRM-16 - and then they can use in ears or the hot spot. Either way it is their mix.

Proper gain staging - that is problably the biggest challenge for those who are unfamiliar with in ears. Not setting the mix with the main volume cranked and no head room - or the other way around. Some training is required but most people catch on pretty quick.

A plus would be a butt-kicker for the rhythm section. Basically a LF driver for the player to stand/sit on so they can really feel the low end.
Ive used them many times. I hate em...No hate is not strong enough. In ears are groove killers, yes we can play with them, but dont have nearly as much fun or give as much as a player..
I'd have to agree about the "groove killer" part. At least, until you are used to them... and even then, it's like running in sand.
The butt-thumpers do help with that, however.
i don't understand why it's a groove killer. to me, the avioms/in-ears have to "sound" good just like a monitor should sound good. If everything is run dry to the avioms and an engineer doesn't put anything on drums or other instruments that need it, then of course they will sound bad.... just like a monitor would sound bad. but, if an engineer can throw some stuff on the rhythm sec, then it can sound very good. AND, you can control the mix.

I hear things a lot better that way. If i'm in monitor land, i don't hear some things that I would hear with in-ears. I'm just saying... i feel like a bad monitor can be just as bad or worse than being on in-ears. But like i said, the instruments need to sound good before they get to the avioms...

***the BEST situation i've ever been in was running in-ears with and aviom... and on top of that, 2 subs and a monitor with 2 15"'s and tweeter right behind me. THAT was insane. it felt so good!!!
I use them. I love them. Short of having a really nice mon. console and a great eng. running it, Aviom is the best. I've got my entire signal chain, including preamp, on a pedal board. I only use my power amp and cab when I have to.

I've used the Hear Back. HATE IT. Not enough control or channels.

Head phones are the big deal for me. Shures are over priced and to flat. Not enough low end.I prefer $40 Sony Ear Buds to Shure e5's. You should have seen the Shure reps face when I told him.

I do not use a butt kicker. I'm used to headphones. I live in an apartment and it seems my neighbors don't like a 1500 watt bass amp.

West Tone makes the parts for Shure but the are not the same.
I prefer the Aviom system over the HearBack! You have more options with the Aviom system. I hate monitoring in mono! The ability to separate guitars and whatever else in a stereo monitoring situation is key to getting a good mix. The right ear monitors make a difference too. I once owned a pair of the original Shure E5's (made by Westone) but lost them after 6 years of use. Now I have a pair of the Westone UM2's and they sound better than my lost E5's. Plus they just fit better in my ear which is of course key to good monitoring. The other guitar player in the bad had a pair of Ultimate Ears but now he owns a pair of the UM2's. Hum...
DId a gig at Crossroads Community Church in Lebanon awhile back and they had an Aviom monitor system. I liked it alot and was really impressed by the ability to save your individual mix.
We are a dealer for Aviom. Later this week (5/20 - 5/23) the Aviom Rep is in town and I have some monitor demos scheduled. There are open time-slots available, and if anyone is interested please contact me. We will be checking out the input module- AN16I, the distribution box - A16D Pro, and the A16II personal mixer.

I realize this thread is primarily about stage monitoring, but Aviom makes a great studio monitoring system and I wanted to spread the word to those wanting an upgrade in their studio.

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