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June 17, 1959 - February 17, 2008

Legendary bassist Jackie Street passed away last night. He will be missed greatly by many. I count myself blessed to have worked with Jackie over the years. In fact, the last two tracking sessions I was on, Jackie was in the house. What a joy. One of my fondest memories was that Jackie ALWAYS sat in the control room! It was a blast for me (being an engineer and a wannabe bass player). We would make fun of everybody out on the studio floor and the banter over the talk-back was all that more entertaining. He was so much fun. He was a kind and loving person to all. One of the emails I got quote Mark Baldwin saying, "Heaven just got a lot funkier." I couldn't agree more.

Please feel free to share your memories of Jackie with us...

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Jackie was one of the most kind people I have ever met. He was always encouraging to me whether I deserved it or not. I had the pleasure of playing with him both live and in the studio. There was no one better. Jackie you will be missed and thought of often.

Dennis Dearing
My first reaction was one of shock and disbelief, the next one was a smile. Blessings on the many, many who mourn his passing.
Man, what a loss for nashville. Great player, and great guy. We'll miss you buddy. Get on the good foot!
Oh my God! I can't believe it, he was so young. The few times I got to work with Jackie he was such a great person to be around. It will be strange to go to Blackstones and not see Jackie. We'll all miss you Jackie. -Jed
Just heard the news, What a wonderful human being who just happened to be a great musician as well. He will be missed.
What a sad day. Jackie was very kind to me when I moved to town. We would meet up for lunch and he would arrange where we could stop by a studio and watch this or that bass player do a session.

I remember him coming in the studio one day, he had a CD in his hand and a big smile on his face, he made us stop everything and put it in for a listen. It was Marcus Miller's new CD The Sun Don't Lie. Man, we were all blown away.

Great memories, great guy, and great player who will be missed by many.

"It all about love."

Anthony Sallee
Jackie was a great friend. His random text messages kept me in stitches! It was fun to watch how kids took to him, my oldest son instantly befriended Jackie the first time they met. Kids loved to sit in his lap and play, and he loved it to.

He was a drummer's dream to play with. I'll miss him dearly....
Jackie will be missed...I was in shock when talking with Tom Hemby told me after a show here Florida...Many great the studio, at my nome for dinner, and just watching him relax at the brewery on West End enjoying his pipe....Love you the funkiest bass player in town....

What a sad, sad day. Stacye and I will miss you greatly, Jackie.

I'll never forget taking a friend to his office (The Cooker) for dinner one night. I was a young intern/assistant and it felt really cool that he recognized me and walked up, offering a hug.

My friend stuck out his hand and introduced himself. Jackie grabbed my friends hand and said, "Tommy Sims. Nice to meet you."

The man could always make me laugh.
Mark B. you are so right about the groove now being laid down in Heaven. Seems like everyone has been moved by the kind nature of this man - I never heard him utter a disparaging word about anyone. Jackie was quiet, but fun-loving. He could crack you up with that knowing, sideways glance and half grin of his.

I'm thankful to have known and worked with Jackie. This town will miss him.

Wow, what sad news to hear! Jackie was such a quiet soul but always seemed to know what to say and when, and what to play and when. Heaven is definitely much better off now! Not sure how it managed without him!
jackie was always such a "calming presence," not only when he was tracking, but in the lives of those around him.

he put his heart into everything he did...

and it's that heart we'll all certainly miss.



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