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June 17, 1959 - February 17, 2008

Legendary bassist Jackie Street passed away last night. He will be missed greatly by many. I count myself blessed to have worked with Jackie over the years. In fact, the last two tracking sessions I was on, Jackie was in the house. What a joy. One of my fondest memories was that Jackie ALWAYS sat in the control room! It was a blast for me (being an engineer and a wannabe bass player). We would make fun of everybody out on the studio floor and the banter over the talk-back was all that more entertaining. He was so much fun. He was a kind and loving person to all. One of the emails I got quote Mark Baldwin saying, "Heaven just got a lot funkier." I couldn't agree more.

Please feel free to share your memories of Jackie with us...

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Great tribute Mark!

Thx for representin'

Yeah, Glad I wasn't the only one who saw that. Amazing...
no kidding! VERY COOL!
Here here, Mike. Jackie made EVERYBODY play better. A lot of my development as a drummer, I owe to Jackie and his unselfish and encouraging way of drawing out the best in everybody.

Mark is a class act for honoring Jackie like that.
Jackie - you will be sorely missed - both for your playing - and your kind heart. I can't even remember the first time I "met" you - seems like I've just always known you since being in Nashville - I do remember calling you to play for CeCe Winans TV show (CeCe's Place 1998) - and then great playing - and sense of calm you brought to that show with its crazy schedule (very little time for rehearsal and then live to tape) and wide range of artists and musical style - you were right on the money all the way. Grace and peace...
I had the privilege of playing some gigs with Lisa Stewart and Delicious with Jackie on the Bass. He was a virtual encyclopedia of music. I could whip out the most obscure Al Jarreau tune during sound check and Jackie was right there with the bass line. His bass ad-libs on the fade out of Lisa Bevill's "My Freedom" still make me laugh-SO MUSICAL!!!
Hey there everyone. Here's a obit/tribute to Jackie that I wrote for Bass Player magazine. It should run in the May issue.
I tried to pick representative samples from his discography. Sure I missed some good ones but I had to stop somewhere.

Dave Pomeroy

Jackie Street 1959 - 2008
The Nashville music community lost one of its most beloved members on February 17, 2008, when bassist Jackie Street passed away unexpectedly from complications related to diabetes. He was a humble, sweet man who brought a deep soulfulness to everything he played - and in the way he lived. Originally from Macon, Georgia, Jackie played on countless records with a diverse list of artists, including DC Talk, Amy Grant, Russ Taff, Bryan Duncan, Jars of Clay, Little Big Town, and Phil Keaggy. A man of few words, Jackie knew how to make the most of every bass note as well, but he could also burn it down at a moment’s notice! He had most recently been touring with powerhouse R&B/funk ensemble Charles Walker and the Dynamites.

Jackie was a truly great bass player who excelled at funk, rock, R&B and Gospel grooves, but most importantly, he was an extraordinary human being. The supportive, nurturing, and unifying qualities that make for great bass playing were also totally evident in the way he treated people and lived his life, and since his passing, many stories of his generosity and selflessness have come to light. When Jackie played in the All-Bass Orchestra, he naturally became the BASS player in that band, and we all leaned on his huge groove. He would always greet you with a shy smile, a warm hug, and a funny remark, and made everyone around him feel comfortable, relaxed, and in tune with the Universe. He will be missed.

10 Records from Jackie’s Discography…

Bryan Duncan – Joyride (Reunion) (?)
Michael W. Smith – Change Your World (Reunion) 1992
DC Talk – Jesus Freak (Forefront) 1996
Jewel – This Way (Atlantic)2001
Take 6 – So Cool (Warner Brothers) 1998
ZOEGirl – Room To Breathe (Sparrow)2005
Marshall Chapman – Love Slave (Polygram) 1996
Jaci Velasquez – Crystal Clear (Word) 2000
Little Big Town - Road To Here (Equity) 2005
Babbie Mason – Right Where You Are (Spring Hill) 2004
Nice tribute Dave. If you were to list the many recordings, you would have been typing for days! Thanks for sharing Jackie's life with many more who have never had the privilege to know such a great man.
Hey Everybody,
Renee and I miss Jackie as you all do. What a great player and wonderful guy. Jackie was the guy we hoped would play with us and we thought we were cooler because of it. He was THE dude on bass for many of my first years in town and the one who defined for me, in a real life enviornment as opposed to just hearing somebody on a record, what a professional bass player was supposed to sound like. It was an awesome experience when I played with somebody that had that big a pocket to drop in with. Looking forward to playing together again in days to come my brother Jackie!
Lang & Renee Bliss
Worked with Jackie a lot at Brendan Harkin's Wildwood Recording. What a killer player and an even more amazing person. He always made us younger, less experienced guys feel like just another part of the team. I remember having to keep myself from staring at him too much just watching him play. He was the funkiest cat in town! Jackie you will be greatly missed but have left a permanent touch to Nashville.
Don't know if I should put this here or not but I had a dream the other night. It was one of those dreams where different dreams ran together but at one point Jackie was in my dream. I hadn't seen him for a while before his passing so never really knew that the last time I saw him was going to be the last time. I guess we really never get to say good bye to the ones we love. All that said, I did get a chance to say good bye. He came up to me in my dream and asked me to take a walk with him but I had to turn him down so he came up to me, gave me a huge hug, we said I love you to each other and he walked off. I know we all don't get the closure we want when we lose someone suddenly but somehow I was given this gift and I just wanted to share it with the rest of you. Even though he's gone he was still able to reach out to me and that is Jackie at his finest. I'm glad I got to speak with him one last time.
Glenn, I'm glad you got that opportunity, too.


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