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Anyone using these. Apparently, they are a new company and a friend is raving about them.
• 30 day “Love it or Refund it” Policy
• Fully replaceable cables
• Custom fit, molded to fit your particular ears
• Phase coherent
• Dual-drivers
Everything, including the molds/fitting for $250.

I'm not a shill, I'm honestly asking for opinions of guys who have these.

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wow.... i'm really interested. I'm in-between pairs at the moment. I just bought some universal dual driver in-ears from Westone for $250. I've been looking at Sensaphonics. My brother uses those and swears by them. However, they're like $800 a for a pair. I have spent no more than $550 for a pair of custom molds.... I wonder how these really sound??!!! I'm intrigued!!!
i ordered a pair about a week ago, and they told me they'd be done in about 2 1/2 weeks. i'll post back when i get them and have time to check them out.
thanks harry
I love my pair. I've had them since October. I've used them for tracking, live playing, studio BGV's, and live vocals. Dad wears one side in the pulpit when he preaches. They sound great and are designed very well.
I've had mine for about a year and use them all the time. They are amazing especially for the price.

I'm not sure how much you know about the company but the main person behind it is Earl Neal. For those of you who don't know Earl has been monitor engineer for Toby Keith forever and is considered one of the best in the industry.

If someone of that stature is willing to put his reputation on the line with these, you know they have to be good.

To give you an idea how good they are, a buddy of mine is PM for Michael McDonald and he told me they just had their whole band fitted for them last week.
Thanks for the endorsement, Chris. The more people I hear from about these, the more anxious I am to try them.

As a point of clarification.... the other "main person behind it" is an Audiologist, who has worked with hearing aids for 30+ years, correct? So you have a guy who knows the science of the ear better than anyone else partnered with a guy who knows what musicians want to hear better than anyone else.
Jon's another great guy to deal with.

If you're a part of CRS this week they may be there. I know last year they had a booth where they were taking orders and shooting molds all week.
Hey guys. I just ordered my set last week. I got a couple friends using them and they're just blown away. Once switched from Ultimate Ears, and the other from Westones...Earl was great. In and out in about 10 min. (actually a little longer, because I had to pick his brain about some of the other stuff he deals...)

Got mine awhile back, after my dogs ate my Ultimate Ears! Haven't used them live yet but they sound great in the studio and while using GarageBand on my laptop. The molds fit well and the replaceable swivel cord is a big plus. The owner and his wife are a pleasure to deal with.
so i got my set in and spent some time last night a/b-ing them. my westone um2s have far more low end response, but i think it may be muddier as a result. the live wires have a bit more low end than the shure e5s. i feel like the live wires excel in every other frequency. i guess it's the dual port feature that gives them a lot more clarity. if you are anyone but a bass player, these ears will be great for you.
That's great to hear because the e5s have plenty enough low end for me.
I've been using them for just shy of a year now and I love them. The custom molds are really great, and really they are the first ears that I actually ENJOY using. The ease in being able to replace the cables is great in case someone yanked them, snagged on something, or just wore out, you just snap on a new cable. I've never a/b'd them right next to the E5's, but from using both (at different shows) they have very similar response, the Livewires might actually be a little clearer with a tighter (nicer) bottom end. I've even gotten use to putting them in to do mix and edit projects. It seems like it can't be that simple, all the quality and half the price, but it really is. They told me that the parts are fairly inexpensive and they felt "name brands" were abusing the mark-up, so becomes "Livewires".


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