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Is anyone out there as frustrated as I am with Comcast as an ISP. We have our own FTP server at Mayfield Mastering and require a connection we can depend on.

I'd love to hear about any service that's as fast or faster and more reliable that won't break the bank. (In my dreams, right??)

John Mayfield
Mayfield Mastering

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I pay an extra $10 per month for added bandwidth. I get about 15mb download and have about 1.5mb upload. It makes a big difference. But, here's a little story for you. I had major speed issues when I first went with Comcast over Bellsouth DSL. Turns out that cable wiring in my house was to blame for the issues. I must have had about 10-12 visits from technicians over a three week period. I got most of my house rewires with new cable and they replaced the main line to the pole outside with a heavier gauge....haven't had a problem since.

If you bug them enough...they will take care of it.

Another problem was I had an old TV upstairs that was picking up RF. Had to get rid of that because it was acting like an antennae. Which in turn, caused the balance of the Internet / Cable signals to be out of whack.

Oh, and splits were a big problem. They ran a single line for Internet WITH a cable TV filter on it... everything helped.
Here is a great resource for all of you who want to REALLY see what kind of service you get...

Use the Atlanta feed as that is where ALL the Nashville pipe comes from....
Same solution, except there was a worn spot on about one foot of the line running from the pole to the house. Also I have to re-boot the modem every other day........
So Bret, the "cable guy" came on Fri. and said that all was fine. And yes, we use Speakeasy to watch our speed. Thanks for the input. But I really want to know about this added speed. That's with Comcast right? I'll gladly pay the extra $10.00.
Our problem is we get these drop-outs in our service that shut down the modem, requiring a re-boot. It happened 3 times last week. He added a filter and said he'd turn in the complaint to the main office. We'll see...thanks!
$10 extra at Comcast - you have to specifically ask for it...

The problems you are experiencing could be server related....on your machine, but unlikely.

If you are getting drop outs, call them you know how many times the "cable guy" told me everything was "alright"? Well it wasn't! It depends how good the tech is you get on any given day. Since you're in Berryhill I would just assume your cable wiring is a little old, maybe not though.
I'd love to find some other options as well. We have Bellsouth DSL at the studio and it blows. When you connect, you have 2 things that are gonna happen, slow or slower - if you're lucky, you get the slow option....
The slowskis..
We have Comcast and it's super zippy. I just hate paying for it. I came from Columbus Ohio and up there, internet and cable services cost about 30% less than they do here. But I just chalk it up to the cost of doing business.
When I first signed up for the service they gave me a bad modem. My dropouts were hourly. I had them replace the modem, and the service was much more solid.

However there seems to be occasional disruptions where I am (South Nashville) There is a lot of construction in the area, and I'm not sure if they are pulling lines to add new lines, but I have to say that I do wish there was something comparable to Comcast that was more reliable. I've heard of houses in Mt. Juliet with fiber connections direcly to the house. Has anyone else heard of this?
while I *used* to share you comcast woes, now I deal with charter -- most days it is better some days - -

A good place to start is at that will get you onto your cable modem and you can 'look around' and see what firmware you have, input and output power, noise and such. Also, I have notice a 'slight drop' in quality of the Motorola Surfboard modems here. I have gone thru several before I just went to a completely different brand.

Go take a look around your router - check its firmware - I had a linksys that was spitting out a lot of junk each way - I nuked it and put the Linux distro on it - worked amazing and really allowed me to tweak settings - - now you have to have a linksys before cisco took over and made the ROM smaller so you cannot install the Linux stuff on it.

Checking your wiring, and what other things are attached to the cable line may help too. As already suggested. Remember each split has minimum of a -3 db signal drop. I actually had a situation where I had too much level coming in the house. I had a booster to run everything in the house. Well the cable company did some upgrades to the line (somewhere else) and boosted the power coming into the house. Well, with that boost and what I had on the house already, I was getting clipping of the signal.

Other than that, I think others already have had good suggestions.

Well, here is the final result of it all:
We decided to purchase a static IP address from Comcast and therefore were required to use one of their modems. (Not something I wanted to do) We rock along for about ten days and all of a sudden at 12:35 pm on a Thursday, everything shuts down. We work for a while to verify that our set-up is correct and then call Comcast. We are on the phone with "Bryan" for about thirty minutes when he says softly, " Hey, that doesn't look right...but I don't have the authority to fix it." After a few moments, he finds a "senior" tech who does have the authority and he "commences" to fix a corrupted configuration file. This so called config. file is on their end. All the field technicians that visited our studio insisted time and time again that the problem "was not on their end".
The lesson learned here is the next time a Comcast technician suggest the problem is not on their end, suggest that they check for a corrupted configuration file in their database of knowledge!@#$%^&*
John M.
"Okay, first I need you to unplug your modem, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in. Next, restart your computer...."


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