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You hear story after sorry of the success of "indie" labels. Is it all hype? When does it make sense, I think it can be more trouble than it's about you?

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Warner brothers records was out of business until Bob Newhart came along.. Third man records ( Jack White ) is doing quoit well, I just ran into John Lomax ( ) and everything there seems to be doing alright.I think it all boils down to FAN BASE, either 1000 fans that will spend $100 or 5000 fans that will spend $10. with out everybody's greedy hands in the mix an Indie can easily make great money, especially through overseas PROs. remember Itunes is the largest music sales outlet in the world, Wallmart may stop selling hard copy music altogether. then where will you buy new music? Some internet radio stations now sell downloads of songs they have in rotation and split the proceeds with the artist/Indie label. also with Sound Exchange, as a label you still get payed, as the SR holder. besides, The big labels really don't want to break new acts. Indie Labels and producers here in Nashville can NOW produce a NEW ARTIST,$5k gets you a ten song CD and a fantastically produced, professionally created,shrink wrapped CD/DVD including Video for youtube..Thanks Bret, SEE YOU ALL @ this months....
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It amkes sense if you understand the ins and outs of marketing and getting product, price, promotion, and placement -

Personally, - I think Indie Labels are commodities, and mean nothing. It is all about the people, the connections, and the talents involved. If you are organized, can source productions houses, artwork, manage produciton timelines, can create PR and generate interest that builds, and generate loyalty that can be monetized, then you basically can be an effective indie label. Otherwise, you are a glorified tax shelter for your business.


At the end of the day, the industry has seen the commodization of the musician, the music, and the industry overall. Name me a quarterback... ok, you probaly named three or four. Name me a CEO... ok, again, you named three or four. Name me a guiatar player that is a must see... alright - maybe Nashville Music Pro audience can do that - but the general mass public can not. There is lies the rub. The industry needs to group together rather than have millions of indies fighting it out - we need to develop the brand among us all, that sells music, and then work it so we can all join in... check out for one example of how it is being done. Those that are within, are part of the brand. They still have their independence, but they also compete within the branded space of World Music League. There are other examples as well - we need to build relevence for the music and the industry - and I think a lot if indie labels just clutters the message. 


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