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I'm flipping through the new issue of SOS (Sound On Sound) Magazine, and in the first few pages the newest Plug-in designer proclaims "A Trip Down Memory Lane". Well God damnit!!!!!!! It's one and zero's......... With an eq curve!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm F*%$#ng sick of the DAW people claiming that their plug gets you the vintage sound......

I've used the so-called vintage plugs and I'm here to tell you, it ain't even close..........


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Eh, they're just trying to sell a product. I can mix with plug-ins ITB just fine, but it takes a whole lot more work to get the sound right that if I had a room full of vintage gear to work with.
thank you #1
What, a plug in that replicates the vintage sound we all know and love? Get out? I am soooooo excited. I'm gonna run out right now and get it. Dang it, it's Sunday morning and the only places open are churches and Starbucks. I guess I'll have to wait for that walk down amnesia lane til later in the week. Thanks Mark for getting me all excited about this wonderful new toy and I can't play with it. In the infamous words of Corky, "You're a bastard person. I hate you and your ass face."
gonna go home and bite you pillows????
Agree 100%. A few (UAD & SSL specifically) are getting really good... A great alternative for project studios/broadcast work, or anyone who otherwise wouldn't know the difference. A large portion of our now thriving prosumer audio market have never touched a big desk, or a 1073 long enough to claim viable "experience", so there's really no frame of reference. Of course after buying a $1,000 plug in package, "it sounds great!"

In reality, for those who have learned and grown in the Analog world, it is no secret that it's like comparing the range of an eagle to a finch. Both can fly, but come on! Not to say I would apply my views to a situation that requires plugs to get the job done, or that some kid with a UAD card isn't sounding awesome...but that doesn't justify what some of these companies are claiming with their so-called blindfold tests with "seasoned pro's." I'm not a 30 year engineer w/ 15 years experience on tape...but to me, something is missing. They make it sound like when they released the JJP bundle, he threw his fairchild out the window...
JJP did throw it out.... to the Control Room next door..... ;-)
Ces plugins ne se comparent pas à une réelle analogique engin! Je ne c est combien ils prétendent sont, je ne suis pas acheter!

Is anybody making a Plug-UP?
Yes, the same company that makes Viagra.
Actually it's Velveta.......
The problem with plug-ins is that nobody really understands how engineers use vintage gear. For instance, I have never used an LA2A to compress anything. I use an LA2A to distort things like bass guitar and hand claps and BGV's. The plug-in versions all go into digital clipping long before I get to the "vintage sound" I am looking for. I'm sure someone has made a software emulation that sounds like an LA2A behaving nicely, but I would never use it.
Hand claps??? Now THAT IS VINTAGE!

Peter, you look so freaking cool with all those keyboards, and the northern lights behind you. Sort of like an old journey video. Also vintage.

Umm, ok, my two cents worth... Gotta say I have LA's, and I have the plug in's. Nothing like pushing the signal from the mic pre through the real thing.

But yet, I use both in the course of whatever I'm doing. For what it's worth.

maintenant j'irai trouve un certain velveeta

au revoir



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