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Thought this might be a fun topic. Probably more suited for Halloween but... I spent the weekend working at a studio, and experienced some interesting situations. I have heard from friends over the years who have talked about about "haunted" studios, and wondered if anyone else has any experiences to share?

For me, I worked 3 three days at a particular studio on Grand. I was set up in the front studio by the old fireplace under the Elvis portrait... I experienced someone or "something" pulling my strap off my bass - not once, but three times... almost sending it crashing to the floor. I have never had my strap suddenly come off this particular bass in 32 years.. It has very wide strap buttons. You would have to give it extra attention to get it off, yet it came off 3 times over a several hour period. I also experienced de tunings.... I would leave the room and come back later to find my bass was detuned both sharp and flat on the different strings... Normally, I tune this bass and leave it... The same bass - my onboard battery drained twice (it should normally last for several months if plugged in continuously,) and I constantly smelled the odor of human urine in the area of the studio Hammond B3. I kept mentioning the smell to the other players but no one smelled it but me. Smelled like I was in a back ally behind a bar or something... wasn't the smell of cat or dog pee. It was human.

The next day, I didn't smell anything, nor did I have any problems with my strap, tuning, or batteries. I mentioned to the second engineer about my experience , and he said "Oh yeah! Let me show you the Neve room." At which point he led me to the other side of the studio. As soon as he opened the door to that room I felt dizzy and near faint. He explained that there have been several sessions where a woman in a white has appeared. He also mentioned that he was alone in the studio and closing up late one night, and the phone started ringing.... but it was being rung from another intercom line from inside the studio.

I have had several friends mention "hauntings" in studios in Franklin... children laughing or being heard running up or down stairs?

Anyone else have experiences?

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I lived in a haunted place as a child, no scientific explanations,  everyone experienced it :)
I have had ghost tracks in the studio before. While mixing we heard very strange sounds that were not on any track we used. I had them keep it on there because it sounded cool.
I did hear that Buddy Killen's old building on music row is haunted. I have the Salon next door, and the man who owns Buddy's old place says all kinds of things happen there.
Music Row in general is haunted I am sure. My salon is very haunted. Lot's of broken dreams and broken spirits there I am sure.

I played a haunted venue, at a historic ranch the other night: some feminine entity became alarmed as I started my show, and was causing me to sort of feel off balance, as though I was being pushed from side to side, and from behind. I had to literally concentrate on not running into the mic. Upon the 4th song, she settled down. I learned that there had a been a ranch matriarch of many decades past who ran the roost, and was in control of everything in her domain. Perhaps it was her: se had some fun with my traveling buddy and me that night after we retired to our room, closing a door s-l-o-w-l-y every time I opened it, and once when I reopened it, it was as though someone was holding it shut...not scary, just different!


I've worked many late nights at the Castle and the Bennett House and while both could be creapy in the dark, I have to say I never saw or heard anything strange in either place. 


I've heard some ghost stories from the Masterfonics building on Music Sq. I heard when they were running cables through the ceiling they shot the cable down to the other end. Walked down the later, walked to the other end, up the latter and there was no cable. They went back to where they had started and the cable was back there all wrapped neat in a circle. 


Sadly I have no personal stories of ghosts in the 10 years I've been in Nashville studios. 

It had something to do with The Rhinestone Redneck im sure!


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