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I got a call today from a prospect that asked me just that.  How much does it cost to cut a Cd?  I answered her with the question, What are you wanting your Cd to be?  Is it a demo or an album, a single or just what??  Do you need a band or do you have your own??   It seemed to really irritate the lady.. She said just give me a price to make a Cd. 

Am I the only one that gets these kinds of calls??


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tell her $50k upfront to start. That'll really get her!
Only people who know about studios, write songs, are publishers, producers, musicians, have been involved with record companies over the past 20 years, do CD duplcation, graphic design, are friends of people that are publishers, write songs, musicians, karaoke nights, workshops, seminars, ASCAP,BMI, SESAC, NSAI, newspaper writers, magazine writers, online bloggers, office of copyright, friends of copyright offices, friends of newspaper writers, third cousins twice removed of online bloggers, the people who empty the trash cans at a record or publishing companies. Aside from that you are the only one.

Well thanks Marc for the consolation. It just hit me wrong yesterday. Ever sense the cutbacks of business I've resorted to answering my own phones lately and maybe it's time to thicken my skin for those kind of phone calls.

I wanted to ask her if I make her a Cd do I get to choose what's on it???
Here's one...I got a call at the studio from someone who asked me how much it cost to make a record...I said, $$$blah blah, you know....then she said in all seriousness..."and how long after that will it be on the radio?...
Aahhh that's a good one.....
My favorite response is, "How much you got?"

Of course, it's kinda hard to close deals when that's the starting point...
I know..
I just tell people, It will be Six Million
One thing for sure ... most people have no idea what it takes to record a full blown project.
Then comes the mastering. And saying that we all know I left out a thousand other things
associated with the final product. The $$$ it takes to record a great project separates the people
who want to be, or are all ready professionals in the music business from the everyday living room star.

I truly hope I didn't upset anyone with this comment if so I meant no harm.
I accept unsolicited material, but I ask that clients request permission to submit first. As a result, I get all kinds of calls and emails. If someone called me and asked 'how much does it cost to make a CD' but had no info to give me as to what's actually goint to be on the CD, that whould tell me I'm clearly dealing with a non-professional. It never fails to amaze me what people ask, and even more so what people submit. II got a song submitted to me on a disposable video camera the other day. You can buy these little disposable video recorders at the drug store, shoot your movie, then take them back to the store and they'll send you a DVD of your movies. This person sent me the whole camera with no explanation. There was a lyric sheet but no phone number or name or return address. They'd sung the song into the video camera while holding their finger over the lens so it would just capture the audio and no video. There was no music to go with the singing...just someone 'singing'. Dogs were barking in the background, phones were ringing, and there was a t.v. on in the next room. I leave it out on the coffee table in my studio as a conversation piece. The interesting thing was the lyric wasn't all that was a humerous song about Obama and it was actually pretty funny. But the presentation obviously left something to be desired.
These kinds of calls have been going on since tiny needles were scratching grooves into small cylinders. Rule of thumb, you can't even begin to properly record and produce a song, to be released to the public, for less than $1000 per song. I know there are those who will offer to do it for much less and sometimes bands are an exception, but anything less is a) not worth the time or b) not up to par.

Favorite quote, "we'll make this song sound right if it takes every last dime you've got!" (Lari Goss)
I like that statement.. Lari can do that too...


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