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As a listener, (as well as a singer/songrwiter), I appreciate what you guys do. The fact is, that modern pop/country/rock music is SOMETIMES (usually) as much, or more, commerce as it is art. And we all know that it's always been the music Business or the movie Business etc.

There is definitely a place in this world for artists of the highest caliber, but the reality is that it's the whole package that sells, a commercially viable song, a good photogenic/telegenic look, the charisma to make people (fans) like you, and the ability for the industry to make money from helping you reach your success.

In a perfect world, maybe only the finest songs, best singers, most talented musicians would rise to the top, but in this world...

Anyway... Kudos to the producers and engineers who help make the magic that make people love music in any form.

And lets not forget about that purely emotional response that we feel when we hear a song that "speaks" to us... the power that a song or melody can have on our lives. It may not always be necessary to analyze ever word in a lyric, or every note that is sung...even the off-pitch notes LOL.
I don't agree, JR. We can make them sound better, but not as good as the artist they are imitating. Most of us have tuned vocals numerous times. It's not just a matter of how much time you spend tuning a vocal on every little detail of it. Let's face it, a bad singer sounds like a bad singer in tune once we're done with it.

But a good singer that sings out of tune a little? Sure, we can work with that easily, right?

A friend that is a plastic surgeon once told me that an ugly face that gets a facelift is still an ugly face, it's just a tight ugly face now.
So, you don't think it's possible to make bad singer sound as good as T-Pain? Kanye West? Remember, people think these are "good singers" I'm willing to bet that I could sing "Love Lockdown" as good as Kanye! With the same amount of AutoTune of course.

And you know as well as I do that "Good" is ultimately what you percieve it to be.

My point was that we are in a place now with technology where you don't need very much God given talent to make an amazing sounding recording.....with the right people sitting at the computer!
You forgot Will-I-Am, and I think good should be what I perceive you to be.

I say, from this day forward, the honorable Bret Teegarden will be known by one and all as "The One Who Knows Good From Bad"! I shall now simply refer to Bret as "The One" in my posts from now on :)
Bret, that was a good twist on words, I must admit, and I agree with you.

JR, I think you're right too. It's the same deal as if people were generally thinking that an ugly face with a facelift is now a pretty face, right? Therefore, any ugly face we do a facelift on, will turn heads. Substitute face with other things plastic surgeons on, and that's the real quote from my friend, actually.

I gotta admit, I have mixed feelings about all of this. Maybe that's normal? Or typical at least?

There's ZERO question that all of us want to see good looking great singers with great personalities sing great songs and make great records by using great players, producers and engineers cut in great studios. And we want to see the participants in that combo of greatness to be recognized for their work and talent.

It's when one of those elements seems lacking that I get a bit of a confused state. Especially when that person seems to be a really good seed overall.
Please explain??? What did I miss?

Also, we are not talking face lifts...we are talking reconstructive surgery!
YOu mean what did you miss from what bret said? He paid you a compliment, I believe. He said he perceives you to be good, but in a yoda sort of way.
And... for the win...(right around :57 pretty well sums it up)...
ah, Tom Petty is just an angry old rich dude who can't sing either. Ha!
True that! Just happened to be the first thing that popped into my head while reading this discussion. I love the music biz. I love tacos. I love lamp.. wait, what?
I love NMP! :-)
(In my best Ron Bugandy voice...)
Now, John, do you really love the lamp or are you just saying it because you saw it?


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