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THAT'S RIGHT!  If you are using OSX Snow Leopard or OSX Lion, you have the App Store, and you can buy the FULL VERSION of LOGIC PRO for Mac, as a  download, for only $199.  It's still $499 in the stores in the box set.  It's the SAME PROGRAM!  

I just thought I'd let you know.  If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself.  If you find I'm in error, please feel free to correct me.  I'm glad I waited.  Here's a link:

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I'm a little sad that they separated the other components from Logic Studio, but I guess not enough people were buying it; it can be difficult to see the efficacy of Soundtrack Pro when you're making loop-based music in Logic.

You can still purchase the 'big box' from an apple store, or the online store @  The rumors are that the bundle will go away with the next update -- like Final Cut X.  But those are only rumors right now.  

What bundle?  Can you be more specific with what you are hearing?

Bundle = Logic Pro, Waveburner, Soundtrack Pro, and Mainstage and all the Jampacks and samples.  The App store purchase is only Logic Pro - as was mentioned. 

I cannot be any more specific about the rumors because that is all they are, speculation and rumors.  I have NO magic ball, NO insider information -- this is ONLY speculation from others who use both programs and have been through the growing pains of Final Cut X.  I can completely understand why they would assume Apple would treat Logic like this - if only perhaps to combine these into SUPER LOGIC PRO!!  LOL -- again -- I have NO insider info just discussion from longtime Logic users whom are watching what Apple has done with other 'flagship'  apps -- and what to do next to keep up with, PT, Nuendo, DP.....etc. 


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