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Hello all!
I'd like to purchase a mic preamp for my ProTools Le rig. I'm currently using an AT4033 mic straight into the Mbox 2.

If you have any real world experience with this, please let me know what you've found that works. I know the budget is on the lower side (>$500), so I guess I'm looking for insight as to what not to get.

Channel strip vs. just preamp.

Fish or chicken. You know the story.

Eddie Kigallon

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in the less than $500 range my choices would be a DBX 376 or a Joe Meek ThreeQ. Both have EQ/Compression and the DBX has a digtal converter to boot (although I rarely use the dig out). I own both of these units so I guess you could say I have 'real world' experience with them.
Thanks Bret,
I did some research and came up with the Focusrite Isa. I'm excited to do some comparing, as I've been using the preamps from my MBox2 for years.
you can get a Focusrite isa - one at guitar center for $499. That's a GREAT pre- amp.
Thanks Vail,
I actually picked one up yesterday. I'm gonna give it a spin. You must have/use one?
if you are serious about your career- get yourself a lunch box and start loading it up- maybe start with a Grace mono pre- and in a few months when you have more add modules- most companies are making 500 series modules these days- if you decide after a couple years- you want to unload- you don't lose as much money- most of the entry level stuff loses its value 15 minutes after you acquire it-

it may cost a bit more than $500 ( i think you can pick up the Grace 500 series for under $500) you have to get the rack- but its like putting money in the bank - if you need to make a withdrawal- people are always willing to pay for the higher end stuff- like hiring Tim Pierce/Brent Mason- more money- but you get what you pay for!
i agree with the lunchbox.  check out  they sell great pre's for way cheaper than anyone else without skimping on the sound.  they are deep, fat sounding pre's.  check it out.
Thanks fella's, I made the choice to go with the Focusrite, but have looked into the lunchbox as my next step. I can always use this one as a bass pre. 

doctor mcfarland said:
i agree with the lunchbox.  check out  they sell great pre's for way cheaper than anyone else without skimping on the sound.  they are deep, fat sounding pre's.  check it out.


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