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Music should be free. If you don't want it stolen, then don't record it.

Not my point of view, but some heated discussion on piracy.

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What a load. My comeback would be "If you want music,create it yourself."

I couldn't agree more, Marc. I had a thought yesterday- do you think that the decline of music sales has anything to do with it's share of the entertainment industry shrinking as new ways to entertain us come to market? i.e. youtube, mobile phones, gaming systems, and other entertainment media that is interactive and end user controlled. Perhaps attention spans are getting shorter and simultaneous visual and aural entertainment media is becoming more important to hold the public's attention?
I suppose music instruments, music education, and music recording gear should all be free too. I'll take a bosendorfer, a pair of U-47s, a Ptools HD3, etc. etc.
I think we are at the convergence of four major events:

#1 Karaoke.In the 80's,
Karaoke came in as a way for drunk Japanese businessmen to have parties. As it spread during the 90's everyone was suddenly a singer. That led to the "amaturization of the music industry, with an "everyone can do it" mentality. Venues have stopped having live music and it led to the biggest Karaoke show of all:

#2 AMERICAN IDOL. (All reality based talent shows)

#3 Home recording. Made everyone a recording star.

#4. Computers and the internet.
Put all the amateurs in and took the money out.

All of these are contributing factors to the "devaluation of music" mentality of today's public.If everyone can do it there is nothing unique or special about it. Therefore people just consider it having no value.

So why don't you close up shop Marc-Alan?
Karaoke! I knew there was a reason I hated it :)
That's funny actually, I worked for a mall kiosk back in high school that was a small iso booth on wheels that would record you singing to your favorite CD+G track. Super lame job, but entertaining... and torturous.
If you want free music, drop into a writer's night and sit and listen. Otherwise, as Marc-Alan said, create it yourself. Maybe you won't like a lot of the songs that night, but hey, it's free!
Worth exactly what you pay for it.

LOL !!!!! I guess it's a bit of a "Buyers" market- most songwriters are like homeowners- they "ALWAYS" think their music is worth more than the market will bear- i want to open a business buying songs for what they are actually worth- and selling them for what the writers think they're worth !!!! ;))

like fish- most artists/writers don't really see the water they are swimming in -


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