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Should personal facebook pages be used for music networking?

Everyday I get on facebook I have friend requests from people that we have 29 friends in common, or 117 friends in common, I pull up the list and it is all music connections.

I feel like facebook is like your own personal living room. You say what's on your mind, you bring out the family videos and photo albums, etc... should you use such a personal vehicle with perfect strangers? Sure you have music in common, but where should you draw the line?

The event invitations are great, and people see your activity in the live news stream.

In a traditional work place the line between professional and personal is guarded, stuck to, and very clear. With music, where does the personal/professional line get drawn? Do I really want some drummer, I have never met seeing the pics of me and mom over the holidays? Not that there is anything to hide, but would you walk up to a perfect stranger on the street and tell them your opinions without ever saying hello?

I just don't know - anyone have an opinion?!

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I liken it to learning to drive. After numerous speeding tickets, a few fender benders, and heaven forbid, serious accident, you learn to pay attention, slow down, and be courteous.
I might add, that I get really tickled at people who try to do the same type of FB/MS type marketing here on NMP. What a useless waste of energy and proverbial preaching to the choir. I know there are close to 4000 people here now, but trust me, anyone who could help someone in their career will definitely not respond to a "look at me, look at me!" type message... for what it's worth.

This type of discussion and keeping in touch was what I started NMP for. Anyone who constantly promotes themselves here on NMP inches closer and closer to the "Suspend" button. :)
great point!!! I appreciate that NMP can me a passive showcase... post what you want - but stop there... don't obnoxiously promote! I also like poeple on NMP are connected to this town and have more experience to answer questions and some are new and they ask the questions that need asking! :)

>>>I know there are close to 4000 people here now, but trust me, anyone who could help someone in their career will definitely not respond to a "look at me, look at me!" type message... for what it's worth.

True, however times are hard and people become desperate trying to find any avenue that might benefit them. The extremely focused nature of the NMP community could be viewed as the perfect platform to promote yourself, particularly if you are new to the area and have not yet developed a feel for nuances that are part of the way that business is done here.

I suppose that it all falls into the category of spam, which is something that we must learn to live with as we continue to move into the 21st century. It has become something that is extremely irritating to me... spam in my mailbox (email as well as all of those paper flyers in my real mailbox), spam on the TV, spam when I'm trying to walk through a store, and the latest one that takes the cake: If I have a problem with the cable or phone company and call them to have it resolved... at the end of the conversation they try to sell me stuff! (Makes me want to cancel my account right then and there.)

For me MySpace has become unusable - I don't have the time to wait for their ridiculous, bloated music player to load with all of its adware (and probably spyware). Now you can't even start the player and listen through all of the tracks that an artist has uploaded - the music stops and an ad pops up after a few tracks!

...Sorry for the rant...

Good points, but what I was trying to get at is that some people expect results here on NMP by using the same methods they use on MySpace and Facebook. Because we are a focused community (and somewhat close), one would think it would be obvious that things which are viewed negatively in the broad sense, such as posting large promo graphics in the groups or on peoples profile comments, mass messages asking for work and such, would be magnified in a smaller community. Promoting yourself on NMP should be as simple as participating in discussions and genuinely getting to know members here and out in the real world. Anything else is like an uninvited guest putting their muddy boot covered feet in the furniture....
Agreed! :)
I agree. The thing that is different about NMP is that people (well most) don't send out annoying message promoting every show and creative venture. They make their page us, as detailed or not as they want and then they just live on here. They genuinely respond to music, add to discussions, etc... This is like a little unofficial society. We all get it, we know why we are here. Now just relax and get to know people - that is what Nashville is about anyway. People don't like salesmen, they likes friends and peers. This site fosters that.
It is something that goes with the territory. You just have to decide how much that territory you want to be in. My Space and Face Book are essential tools, just like cel phones and computers. I don't think we can do without them. My problem really comes from so many ancilary things. Every day I am invited to dozens of events in cities I am nowhere near. It is because I got on mailing lists and "friends" lists through some reason or another and am just flooded with these things.

You can create the privacy things and I have, but sooner or later those get infiltrated too. We set up spam filters all the time, and still get spam. So no matter what safeguards you put up, sooner or later those will be breached as well. Just a cost of doing business in the digital age. But we can complain sometimes. Might be preaching to the choir but so what?

i hope one day I get settled into the industry and i don't have to be on the computer as much... I might have "people" for those things... haha... one can dream! I just remember how it felt to be in wyoming last summer, with people, not technology and i lived in the moment, i could think clearer, deeper, etc... I was tweeting, and answering my cell, and texting, and doing digital marketing... I just lived! Technology can get us so high sometimes!

I understand what you mean by the "cost of doing business in the digital age," as I have come to accept a great deal of the junk that goes along with being on (and running) social networks, however, while complaining about it does little good, I think it is not fruitless to try to educate people on how their actions are perceived and how they may be hurting their own efforts. I think people who are constantly spewing Internet self-promotion need to step back and read the golden rule from time to time. That's what....

Hi Marc,

A great deal of the problem has to do with the fact people keep reading all the promos about how to do everything for free on the internet (yet complain when people also want free music). It started before Myspace, there were bot programs that would go to every chat room on yahoo doing promos. I know, I used one to sell a really bad CD. Then there was the how many friends can you accumulate on myspace and now it's repeating itself on facebook. On my old website I had 10 chat rooms dedicated to music and was getting a lot of people poping on just to promote their wares.

Till people start spending to promote themselves again we all will have to suffer through it. Just think of all the people here that use Myspace as their main website. I don't mean to pick on just people here or musicians. I have friends from my days as a marine engineer that also use Myspace as their primary website too. If your a professional have a domain and professional looking site. They are not that expensive to have.

I think of your Domain, Myspace, Facebook and Ning as 4 seperate items. Your Domain is where you conduct your business. Myspace is where you are almost expected to hustle your wares on the cheap. Facebook is where you keep in contact with friends and family and Ning serves as a meeting place for people with similar interests. But then again I have a simple mind that needs simple definitions.
perhaps it's time to consider this

though facebook recently blocked its use on their website. i wonder why? :)


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