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It has started already this year, so I have decided to make it official and allow any of my friends who wish to spread the word. I am the real singer of the infamous O Holy Night that has been floating around the Internet for the past fifteen years or so. Two things have made me decide to take the lid off of the big secret. One, a lot of people are getting a lot of hits on YouTube claiming to be the real singer, but lip syncing badly. One guy has over 200,000 hits on his video. Secondly, enough people have posted my real name on the Internet that there is no reason to try to hide it.
I, Steve W. Mauldin, producer/arranger in Nashville, Tennessee did in fact sing the terrible vocal on the now famous O Holy Night. You are free to spread the word. If you know me, you know I am truthful. I have the original 1/4 inch tape from 1989, I have the orchestral score, and I have the original vocal with choir, split track, and track with no vocal.

I have put the song and the track on iTunes. Search for Funny O Holy Night or place the artist name Steve M. If you want the whole story, contact me at Lots of people know it's me, but now I welcome anyone telling my full name since it keeps showing up in discussions anyway.

Every year I think it will die, but I have already had inquiries this year. Last year, an animal rights group from Melbourne Austrailia asked my permission to us it for their campaign. They sent a nice certificate of appreciation.

It was recorded at Oak Valley Studio, Kevin McManus engineered it and it was at the end of a very long recording process for a Christmas album for Christ Church on Old Hickory Blvd. At the end of the session, we were letting off some steam and I sang this version never intending for anyone to hear it except a few close friends. My wife hates it and will not be in a room when it is playing, my dad thought I should not have sang that way on this song. I didn't sing bad to this song, I sang to the last song of the project. Had the last song been White Christmas, I would have sang to White Christmas. But I did not mean for the world to hear it, I was just having some studio fun once we had everything for the album recorded on the 2" tape, like we studio musicians do.

I have heard me singing on Rick & Bubba, Jerry House, a radio station in San Francisco retired the song from their "worse Christmas song of all time" contest declaring it the official #1 Best Worse Christmas Song ever after it won 12 years in a row. They now vote for #2. A friend called from NY while in the Carnegie Hall elevator to let me hear myself singing in Carnegie Hall..........'s elevator.

So spread the word, let's have our laugh and get it over with. Send your friends to iTunes if they do not have it and I will make a little money off of the downloads or the streaming. I have currently made 57.00 total for the couple of years I have had it on iTunes. It costs me 5.99 a month to keep it there. Up until now, I had made nothing, but this was never released as a commercial venture, it just happened.

In any event, I hope this song has made you laugh, and has lifted your spirits. If you haven't heard it, go to iTunes, or if you don't want to spend any money, Fred has had it on his website for years. I am sure you can find it, but my version is better.

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You Sir, are my Hero!
I just went to iTunes and purchased it! I've had a bootleg version for years. Thank you again for making this masterpiece of comedy!
Thank you for buying the iTunes version. It is a better version because I took the original track and improved the intro.

I am pleased you enjoyed the song. I feel that God placed me on this earth and gave me talent to "uplift the spirit of man on earth." Sometimes I do that with gospel music, sometimes with classical music, country or rock music, but if that is my true calling from God, then this song has certainly carried out that commission far beyond my imagination.

Since you enjoyed this song, you might want to go to Youtube or to my website: and watch the free copy of "Symphunny." This is an original orchestra piece written for my recent Master's Recital. It is slap-stick humor applied to the symphony.

Thank you for contacting me!
I have never bought anything from iTunes... and you Sir have changed that. Yours will be my first purchase, because I've sent that link around to many people over the years, and you deserve credit AND compensation..... to go along with your huevos of steel, my friend.
Thank you for the purchase and for spreading the word. I really put it on iTunes so that I could give a cleaner version and make the track available to sing to. The track is perfectly fine (except for the 80s verbs) to sing to seriously.

I have had responses all over the world from this piece. I did not release this to the public, it was just me and an engineer letting off some steam after a long month of recording a Christmas record for Christ Church in Nashville. We don't know how this got out. I did a radio interview in March for an LA radio station, and a couple of internet interviews. A friend called me from Carnegie Hall, it was playing over the elevator speaker from some New York station.

ASCAP says there is no way to collect any money for air play, so the iTunes does give me a little money for the time I have spent on this over the years. Before your purchase, I have made a total of 56.00 life of the song. But people have testified that the song make them laugh, and it has lifted their spirits. That is worth more than the money I may have missed.

Thank you for your support. The lid is off, feel free to tell anybody where I can be found. I do plan to release a video on Youtube this year and will attempt to sing some of it again. That was 20 years ago, I doubt I can sing those high notes now. We'll see!!!!
After you make millions, are we going to find out this is all a hoax? LOL!
P.S. To date I have made 56.00. I really don't expect to make much more than that since people are so happy with the free version that has been out forever. But I might make a little off of the track with no vocals on iTunes because somebody might want to use that track to sing the song seriously.
You can ask Russell, this is absolutely true. We recorded the album at Oak Valley with Kevin McManus engineering. We recorded choir at Great Circle Sound. The last solo was Guy Penrod, and he sang O Holy Night. It was the last overdub before we started the mix. We had just submixed the strings and had one track left on the 2" tape. I told Kevin I could sing like Guy, and we did this vocal.

We don't know how it got out, but I suspect it came from an engineer from EMI because they ended up with the master 2" tapes. I still have the 1/4" tape here at my studio. Almost every year some church will call wanting something from the Christ Church Christmas album titled Sing Noel. Most often they want the orchestration or track to O Holy Night, not knowing the history of the infamous version.

I am going to put a video on Youtube and I will sing part of it, if not all of it, after Thanksgiving. There will be no doubt it is me, and I will show other proof like the 1989 master that I still have.

It is true, I am the voice you have heard for all of these years.
Well that answers it, Steve...It's why it is my very FAVORITE Christmas song of all time...
You're great, stop when you do the new CD or iTunes, we WILL buy it...Enjoyed talking with you at NQC so much. Blessings for your holidays...You've made mine good with that song for so many years...Evie
Ok, I see you have it on iTunes...I read the last post first!....I'll be buying it for certain!
Likewise, it was good to talk to you at NQC. Thanks for finding O Holy Night. I am planning to record a Youtube video next week and post it on Youtube. I will try to sing it, to the original track. That should prove I am the real singer. I may not be able to hit the exact notes I hit 20 years ago, but it should prove I'm the singer.

Feel free to spread the word that a video is coming.
Ok, I will...sounds great...look forward to the video...Blessings


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