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Hey all,
What are the best phones these days?

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I've used many different headphones over the years. To me it seems that no one headphone can fit all situations. It comes down to so many variables: Sound isolation, comfortable fit, overall perception of loudness, low end reproduction, "hype" (one of my personal favorites) or flatness, external bleed, cord length/type, and on and so forth, etc. While I may prefer Grados for doing edits of a very "organic" sounding piece, I may prefer Sony 7506's or even 7509's for loud rock or less "organic" stuff. I remember sitting in DaCapo Music Studio(Jonell Polansky's place) for hours one late night, and after wearing a set of Sony 7506's for what seemed like an eternity, finding that my ears felt like they had been folded over on themselves and then glued in place. So, I started trying out other headphones, mostly out of curiosity, and strictly for comfort. I ended up using a set of sennheiser hd280's (the pair she had was lined with a soft velvety material on the foam surrounds. This relieved the ear "foldedness") Over the years I have found myself using Fostex T-20's and T-40's, Ultrasone 450's and 550's, Sony 7506's and 7509's, AKG 241's and 271's, and so on and so forth. Really, it usually came down to what was most comfortable for the musician, physically and sonically. Sometimes when an artist complains of a poor headphone mix, or blames the headphones for a particular performance, the engineer should be grabbing a different set of phones, not necessarily a knob or fader. Anyway, thats my take on things.

been using the 280's for a while now. Very comfortable, nice definition, and I didnt have to sell my soul to Satan to afford them.


I still have my original pair of Fostex T-50's from 20+ years.  They still have all the original parts on them, and they still function perfectly.  I bought four pair of Fostex T-90's about 6-7 years ago, and they've been the regular use cans in my place since.  I love them.  I remember back at Belmont they decided that they'd buy the latest greatest Sony headphones to replace the aging Fostex headphones around 1991 or so.  Within about three or four weeks, all the $150 Sony headphones were blown out one at a time by various people.  They just weren't made to handle the environment.  But I've never seen a pair of the fostex headphones blown out.


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