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I'm curious to see how many drummers are using a laptop to generate the click (and loops, perc. tracks, etc.) at a session, and what software everyone is using. If you don't use a laptop, what do you use?

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The metronome I use it the Yamaha Clickstation.
Here's a review I did, in case you haven't seen it, but I'm guessing you have:
One of its cool features is it slaves to midi, so you can generate your own click to sync with the control room, instead of getting cowbell 1/4 notes at 115dB on your ear for 8 hours.

Laptop wise, I use Ableton Live, which is about the coolest freakin software I've ever seen. It's so wysiwyg and drag-n-dop friendly... very Mac-like.

But I'm a less is more type of guy, both in playing and in technology. The fewer links in the chain, the better for me. If I don't need the laptop to make or run loops,etc., it's the Clickstation all the way.
I also use the clickstation for live stuff and the occasional demo session, but it doesn't have many sound choices, or rhythmic options. You get 1/4s, 1/8s, 1/16s or triplets and that's it. My old Alesis drum machines are still more musical. The main advantage is that the clickstation seems to be more durable than the Tama Rhythm Watch.
Anybody else using Ableton Live?
Shawn Pelton does a lot with it.
In town, I know that Will Denton was using it, last time I spoke to him.

The Demo is full service, just no saves or rendering. Check it out-- it's almost too versatile. :-) The latest version integrates mpeg video, too.
I have recently been using the Yamaha Click Station as well and I really like it. I appreciate the touch button that allows you to feel the tempo silently before counting the tune live, or running the loop in the studio.

I have heard that Cris McHugh is using Ableton live, in fact he and Jim Riley both were using it at the Fork's Clinic that they presented.
Are you using any pads to trigger/control Live?
That's the same set-up I'm using, except I use the M-Audio Firewire 410 i/o.
I've used it mostly for live performance, tracks/loops, etc. But it's also very good recording/editing/assembly app.

I like the look of that Saffire. Good price for 8 pre's. Is the headphone amp nice and loud?
do you like creating loops after the fact that you've cut the track? i've found it's more inspiring for myself and the other players if there is a creative loop while we're cutting the song. just wonderin.... : )
DISCONTINUED!? Wow, that's a great product. Simply, the best metronome out there. I'm think they have to be coming out with an improved version.

BTW Bart, I played a little jazz trio with Reed P the other night. He says nice thing about you.
I use the Yamaha Clickstation with wireless bluetooth headphones so I don't have to worry about wires.. It's the best way to go :)
I have a more "involved" setup for sessions. It's definitely different from what everyone else is saying. It really covers any situation i'm in. With this setup, i'm not limited (at least i haven't been yet. ha!) to anything. Here's the gear I do use:
-Apple Macbook
-Akai MPC 2500
-MOTU 828 mkII Audio Interface (firewire)
-Digital Perfomer 5.13
-Stylus RMX (with all expander packs)- this is the loop program i use.... AMAZING! (

If you're interested in this setup please reply on this forum. I will be glad to go thru a more detailed way of how I run everything. Cheers!
I was using my Gateway for a while, but lately I've been running 2 or 3 Boss DR-202s. Just 1 for click. I use 2 machines to run click out of 1 and stereo loop out of the other. If I need more independent channels, I run a 3 rd machine. I just send the midi through a midi splitter/thru box, so both slaves receive signal simultaneously. If Pro-Tools is driving the machines, I take midi from Pro-Tools into the box, then split it 3 ways. I just found that I'm a lot faster getting to things in the dedicated beat boxes. I was spending a lot of time searching through loops and stuff. That's great in pre-production or if you have a big budget and a lot of time. I guess I need an excuse to run REASON again since I did 7 volumes of stuff for Sonic Reality that are REASON refills. (:>)
And your setup works just fine.

If you brought your laptop and a bunch of Reason loops, producers would start to wonder if they could just use the loops.... :)


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