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I'm curious to see how many drummers are using a laptop to generate the click (and loops, perc. tracks, etc.) at a session, and what software everyone is using. If you don't use a laptop, what do you use?

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"Wait till you get a little older Chris; you'll start taking only what is necessary!"

So question.... because i listed my gear and because i'm young means i'm bringing unnecessary gear? Kind of unfair to say that if ya ask me...
not really being defensive... just came off a certain way to me. It's no biggie. No feelings hurt or anything! I'm not mean! : )
Dude, I saw your setup when I came by the studio......Its pretty serious. I'd like to know some more details for sure!
lester... i'll post it on here a little later tonight... will be glad to.
I use a boss drum machine or tama rhythm watch which I have used for years. I have been looking into "upgrading" to a laptop setup to replace my trusty "old school" click clack tick tocks! I am glad to see this discussion going on as I'm sure it will help in my decision!
Thanks guys!
I use a macbook w/ stylus... but to be honest, I just play to a p-tools click 90% of the time... It's w whole lot easier.. but if someone wants a loop, stylus or reason helps....

when i am on tour with Martina , we use a Pro Tools rig in a rack with a 17' monitor on top.. the rack and monitor are behind the kit... my controls are in the form of two small keyboards set-up right beside me ... each key has a song title and i just hit the key to fire the song.. Some songs in the set have perc, extra guitar, etc... and they alll have click. I also have a DM5 trigger for stick and a seperate drum machine for clicks , if there is a song called that is not assigned a key.... In the studio i use either my MPC 60II or MPC 3000 --- i try to create a 4 bar loop and click that fits the song and if i need to edit the loop i will do it after we track... hope your doing well.....

Why do all click tracks slow down in the 2nd verse? The only time I can hear it well is when I play ahead of the beat. When you play right with it, it disappears in the mix. At least that's what I've heard, I really couldn't say for sure.
Question? How are you getting ProTools to drive your click track so that both tempo grids are the same? What do you have to do to make that happen?Hook-ups ect...and what internal functions(on your external click device) do you have to do to set it up? I am like Nick,I mainly just use the ProTool click # 1 cowbell with no accents but I find it would be more interstering to use a better sound or a loop of sorts.
I use a HPD-15 Handsonic for click when I am tracking to anything other than Daw based systems and it works well but would like to know how to lock it with a Daw.
What does the engineer give you and what will I need to physically get this going?
I still using an old Alesis HR-16 (yeah it's still working) for clicks and get a Midi send from the board to sync with ProTools.
Tama Rythm Watch and an spd-s with tracks pre done.


For the past few decades I've been using an ALESIS SR16. It has paid off for all kind of projects and keeps paying off. Also I use Protools for mixing pancake batter as the pancakes come out great!!/80)  Yes I do use Protools for tons of things.

bob dean


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