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Below is a sample of artist bio I've written for a wonderful new artist, Malea Boss. If you are an artist in need of a new or updated bio, please contact me. I will be happy to feature your new bio on all my social networking sites so people can learn more about you and you can increase your fan base!

For South Carolina’s 17-year-old rising star Malea Boss, getting to record a song written by her biggest influences, superstar Martina McBride and veteran songwriter Buzz Cason, is like a fairy tale come true. Buzz and Martina’s song “All That I Have” will be featured on Malea’s debut album, Malea: All That I Have, due out in May 2009. “The fact that Martina was willing to give such an incredible song she’s co-written to a new artist like me says a lot about her personality,” Malea says as her naturally long lashes flutter over eyes filled with excitement. “When Martina was first trying to make it as a new artist, she was willing to take risks and try anything and I admire that.”

Malea describes her own music as fun and youthful while at the same time signifying deep meaning. “Country music is about stories. Some of those stories can be meaningful and still be fun. I never choose a song that I can’t relate to in some way, shape, or form. My music will always reflect who I am.”

When asked about her first experience in a Nashville studio, Malea responded, “My producer was amazed at how well I did in the studio the first time. He said I took to it like a duck takes to water! And the studio band couldn’t believe I had never been into the studio prior to this experience.”

Malea’s voice is rather developed for a 17-year-old since her studio performance required little to no tuning. That doesn’t mean that Malea doesn’t seek constant improvement and constructive criticism in all areas. “You can be a performer and not be an artist, but I am an artist. I have spent time studying and researching everything I can about the music industry and becoming an artist. I am not only honing my songwriting skills and guitar and piano playing, but I am also developing my total package including my image and my stage presence, right down to learning how to read a teleprompter if the situation ever arises for me to do so. This isn’t just a dream of mine, this is a goal that I am determined to achieve and I won’t give up.” Malea takes and applies all the advice she receives from the Nashville music industry professionals she works with and who serve as mentors to her.

In addition to Martina McBride, Malea’s influences include the king of country music, George Strait. She was most touched by George’s music when her brother played “You’ll Be There” after the death of their grandfather she lovingly refers to as “Honey.”

While Malea’s heart is in country music, she also credits actress and pop singer Hilary Duff as an influential role model to her. “Hilary was this young teen star in Hollywood who was able to stay out of trouble at a time when her contemporaries were making headlines in all the wrong ways. I found it inspiring that you can be in the spotlight while maintaining a sense of decency and wholesomeness. Some people might say that I’m a goody-goody, but I don’t mind that. I’d rather be known for doing good things than doing bad things!” Malea asserts.

It is Malea’s hope that her music will provide a new means for her to give back to her community. “I would like to give back to my school for teaching me all that I know,” she says, in addition to wanting to give back to other charitable organizations close to her heart such as SADD, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the March of Dimes.

Having been involved in chamber choir, church choir, and various musicals throughout high school, Malea is no stranger to the stage. “I feel at home on stage, so every stage I step foot on becomes my home during that performance,” Malea states emphatically. Malea has had the opportunity to perform in a variety of places, from her hometown church in Lexington, SC to boardwalks and homeless shelters in New York City. “I sing all the time so wherever I am is my stage. I’ve even been known to sing in the aisles at Wal-Mart and in the school bathroom!” Malea laughs. Malea’s high school chorus teacher always knew she had a voice for country music. “Sometimes I couldn’t give her a solo in our musical productions because her adorable twang is such a part of her charming talent,” he laughs.

Malea’s career started with a just a simple hum. Perhaps that’s because she had not yet learned how to talk and could only hum along with the music that made her such a happy toddler. But by age 3 she had found the words to perform her first solo in church. It was a rather short solo, only one line, but she sang it with as much passion as she does today.

Malea has plans to perform on bigger stages. Following her upcoming hometown concert to perform songs from her new album, Malea will be making a permanent move to Nashville and will be promoting Malea: All That I Have. “I would love to box up all my stuff right this second and move to Nashville tonight, but I still have to finish high school. That’s pretty important!” Malea also knows that, with God on her side, anything is possible for her to achieve her goals and make her dreams come true. “Everyone has dreams and goals,” she states. “I am just going for mine to the extreme!”

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