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Shenandoah at the "Iowa County Fair" in Mineral Point, Wisconsin September 5th, 2010

As Daryl steered the Hillbilly Hotel towards the great State of Wisconsin, we settled back and watched a movie and when it ended, one by one, we drifted down the hall to hit the bunks. I probably hit the sack around 2 am and I was a tired boy. I knew I was gonna sleep hard. In my younger days, I could stay up much later. I slept in really late and did not get out of my bunk till almost noon but everyone else was up milling about on another beautiful day, in sunny Mineral Point, Wi. I grabbed a red bull energy drink and stepped off the bus and wandered over to the stage. The sound company was still in the process of setting up the system, so that meant we had about an hour before load-in. I took a walk around the venue to stretch my legs and wake up. I had to watch my step to avoid the horse droppings.

At around two o'clock, local stagehands showed up and helped us load-in. After soundcheck, it was time to do some serious eating. I walked over to the food tent and sat down at a table with our new guy, Jeff Allen and proceeded to make a glutton out of myself, enjoying grilled chicken, pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet corn and dessert. It was very tasty and most definitely hit the spot. I dragged my now full body back to the bus and waited on the runner to take Jeff, Bart Barlettano, Byron Cumbie, Jimmy Yeary and myself to the hotel. Before we left for the hotel, long-time fans and good friends, Kay and Janet showed up. Kay Marlowe is also a facebook friend of mine. As usual, Kay brought something good for us to eat. I would be visiting with them when I got back from the hotel. Mike Mcguire stayed on the bus to watch his Nephew, Ryan's wedding, via live streaming video on the internet. All of you long time Shenandoah fans might remember him from the Sunday in the South video. At the very end of it, he and his sister, Cara are running across the courthouse lawn, carrying a picnic basket.

Once we arrived at the Redwood Inn, there was no one at the front desk to check us in. We rang the little bell, yelled into the back office but at least 15 minutes went by before a girl showed up to give us room keys. She seemed very sweet and embarrassed she had not been at her post. I did not tell her that I broke the doorbell button by accident. :) The button just fell on the floor the moment I touched it. Bart and Byron went to one room and the rest of us shared the other. I got my shower first, as Jeff and Jimmy were busy on their cell phones. An hour and a half later, they picked us up to go back to the venue.

Back at the venue, a local act was getting ready to hit the stage. We let their bass player and drummer use our gear and they really appreciated it. I walked out front with Byron and Bart and listened to several songs. The young girl singing was probably in her early twenties and was a local girl, who had recently gone to Nashville to seek her fame and fortune. She was back home visiting her family for the holiday weekend and agreed to play the fair. I thought she was pretty good.

After the opening act left the stage, we had about fifteen minutes before it was our turn. More people started pouring in and the breeze picked up and it was getting quite chilly. Thank goodness for stage lights. Eight p.m. straight-up, we walked onstage and kicked off, "Janie Baker's Love Slave" and began our journey, hopefully into the ears and hearts of the fans, who showed up wearing their sweaters, hats, jackets and long underwear. It was a fun show and Jeff Allen, the new guy, seemed to settle in even more, his second time around. They were a good audience and we always appreciate that. It makes us feel good to know we have done our job, building that bridge between us and the fans who gave us this blessed opportunity to do what we love.

After the show, we did the usual picture taking and signing before retiring to our familiar, 45 ft long, rolling holiday Inn. We watched another movie, then I climbed into my bunk and awoke in the kroger parking lot, back in Tn, around 10 am, Monday morning.

We had two good shows, a good time getting to know Jeff Allen and a safe ride home. Once again, thanks to all of the folks who were so hospitable to us and thanks to the "Killer B's", Bart and Byron for all of their hard work.

Another country music adventure had been had by all.

Down the Road_ Stan Munsey

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