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At 1:32pm on August 19, 2010, Chappel Fisher said…
Thank you darlin....muahhhhhhhhhh
At 6:41am on May 20, 2009, Mike Porter said…
Looking forward to it.
See you Friday.
At 12:09am on January 9, 2009, Eddie Reasoner said…
Ernie, its Eddie Reasoner, I don't know if you remember me or not but I hung out at the sound shop a bit with you when I was just a teenager. Check out my website at and it will probably ring a bell. Gosh it's been forever...I was there when you played me the original mix of "Stealin in the name of the Lord" ......Man I'm sure glad to hear your still around are you still with Montie? I'm currently spending half my time between Nashville and LA, I'm in LA at the moment, the website will catch you up. Hope to hear from you soon. Remember, bass player Tommy Tow who worked for Goldsboro when you did all that stuff? He and I are best of friends these days....Gosh so Great to know you're out there. Eddie Reasoner
At 10:05pm on September 22, 2008, Roy Vogt said…
Hey Ernie,
Great to hear Joanna (Dean) Jacobs. I was in her Memphis-based Hard Rock band that Eli Ball produced in the late 80s. Boy-that was a one way trip through "Confessions of a Record Producer"-Yow! At least I know what to warn the bands I produce about....
P.S. Really appreciated the Ronzo info. I thought that was the case....
At 12:38pm on August 25, 2008, Bob Wray said…
Yo Ernie:
Hell yea we cut some good records together. I am doing great. Still doing sessions here in Shoals and I get up to Nash now and then. Teaching 2 days a wk, play in 2 R&B bands, and a jazz quartet and hangin on the lake. I love this site for hooking up with buds from the past. Take care, enjoy retirement to the fullest and stay in touch..
At 12:19am on August 4, 2008, Steve Pippin said…
Well, Ern, I may need a doctor's note for Soundshop coffee, but I still work there every once in a while, and I'd love to meet up and catch up. I'll send you my contact numbers through the message board
At 7:34pm on August 3, 2008, Steve Pippin said…
Ernie Yerfniw! Great to hear from you , Bro. We've had a lot fun in the studio through the years, haven't we? Great memories. Lots of funny stories. It's weird that you bring up the Fallenrock album...You're like, the 5th person in the last 10 days to mention that to me. Maybe I need to revisit that project for song pitches or re-cuts? Who knows? Anyway, I'm glad you still love it. I know I do. Please hollah at me sometime and we'll get a cup of coffee... although maybe not as strong as the ol' Soundshop coffee, though...that stuff would melt through metal...but it sure kept us going! HA! Blessings...Pip
At 7:01pm on August 3, 2008, Kim Morrison said…
Hey Ernie!!! So glad to find you! Hope all is groovy in your world!I used to have so much fun working with you. You are one of the special guys! Please keep in touch.
Love and peace,
At 6:31pm on August 3, 2008, Brett Wall said…
Hey Ernie, Looks like you have worked with the legends. Your pictures are amazing!!! Hope all is well in your world...Brett
At 10:36pm on June 1, 2008, Judy Rodman said…
yeah, well, it's kind of like being in that Italian organization with the striped suits... once you're in this bidness you're always part of it! :) Great to hear from you... keep in touch, and yes, we did indeed work on some great stuff!
At 10:18pm on June 1, 2008, Judy Rodman said…
HI Ernie! Good to see you here... thought I'd let you know I have a page up now. Keep in touch!
At 1:11pm on May 14, 2008, Ernie Winfrey said…
Yeah but do you remember Londin and Pickett going nose to nose. Shapiro had warned me before Pickett ever got to town NOT to even think of kidding around with him. Pickett had a bad habit of mixing brandy and cocaine and becoming totally insane. Well Larrie, as was his habit, was kidding around and Pickett, as predicted took it the wrong way. They went nose to nose and Pickett threatened to go get his "rod" at the hotel. Needless to say, Brad called off the sessions for the rest of the day. Those sessions eventually turned out to be a lot of fun. I think the album was released as "Chocolate Mountain" but I never got a copy. I don't even have copies of the mixes. DAMMIT!

I always enjoyed the R&B sessions most. I grew up listening to the music of late night WLAC with John R and all the rest of the white DJs that sounded black. Great memories.
I retired from engineering in 1992, worked at Davis-Kidd Booksellers for 13 years and retired from everything in 2006 and I love not having to meet anyone's schedule. I do miss all the wonderful musicians I worked with. I consider myself fortunate to have that rare opportunity that so few other people have. And you were always a treat!
Love ya,
At 7:07am on May 14, 2008, Tom Roady said…
WE AIN'T CUTTIN TODAY!!!!!..Man I've told that story so many times...Larry Londin the first day kissed his butt so much..."its such an honor and a pleasure to get the opportunity to work for you" etc. etc. etc....comes thursday and no Pickett...finally around 11:30 he storms into the studio and says that screaming.....Bobby Woods,Mike Leach, Reggie, Pete Carr and I,,,all immediately look towards Larry and I think it was Bobby who quietly said..."you didn't suck up enough!"
...hahaha...Brad Shapiro!!!...

Ernie, I always looked forward to sessions up here with you.... I always knew we were going to have a good time and make great music together....I live in Kingston Springs now as you can see...14 years in Lebanon till just about 3 1/2 years a Pro Tools studio too...I know's the nature of this beast....actually Wayne Jackson is coming out to cut next thursday and friday on 6 songs....I see Wayne all the time....
I would love to get a copy of that photo to go along with that email is it is really great to find you again on here...that alone makes joining this site worth the effort...hope to talk too you soon....tom
At 9:42pm on May 13, 2008, Tom Roady said…
Ernie.....I can't tell you how many times in the last 15 years I've asked about where you are...Man it is so good to see your smilin' face here...I hope you are well sir. tom
At 9:54pm on May 7, 2008, Mike Porter said…
Hey Ernie, do you have additional Woodland pictures? The June AES meeting will be on early console construction and Jim Pugh will be one of the panelists. His wife, June is looking through their pictures, but if you have additional ones, I love to have them. Also I'm compiling a list of artists that used Studio A for Conni Ellisor. If you can contribute to that please email me at or post them in a comment here.
BTW, the console meeting will be at Adventure Science Center on June 12. Social time starts at 5:30 and the meeting begins at 6. Saul Walker from API will also be one of the panelists. I'm going to try to get David McKinley there that night. Jim Pugh is now one of the official furniture builders for Jack Daniels. Thanks for any pictures or other info you can provide.
Mike Porter
At 6:44am on March 19, 2008, Glenn Meadows said…
Great to hear from you Ernie.

Drop me an email with your phone number if you like, we should chat someday soon.

BTW, any update on Lee Hazen???


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